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About Well Penned Greetings™

Show you care enough to send a hand-written card.

You could send an ecard to someone you just met. But, in the end, it's really just another email in their in box. It has a nice phrase and an animated bird and all that, but, they can't really hold it in their hand, or display it on their desk. When you want to make an impact, you sent a real card. Nice card stock, metallized, shiney inks, hand drawn paper that perforates. A foil-lined enveloped that is hand-addressed with a stamp on it. Those are the things that show you care enough to be classy.

Two things hold most people back from sending a real card: no address and poor penmanship.

Well Penned Greetings solves both of those problems.

First of all, with our partner, Ship2MyID, you don't need a physical address, just an email address. Ship2MyID will gather the recipient's physical address and let them know they have a letter on the way. If, for any reason, the recipient doesn't want the card, your order is cancelled and your account is not charged.

While we can't fix your penmanship, we can write your personalized greeting for you. Most cards already have a verse printed on the inside, but, if you want to add a few extra words in cursive, manuscript, or even calligraphy, we'll write them for you. We even hand address the envelope and apply a stamp, never a postage meter or estamp, so that your card is fully personal.

You look great, we do all the work, for about what you would pay for the card in the first place.

Our cards are high quality, thick card-stock with embossed images, raised letters, shiny foil, all the bells and whistles. In fact, you would probably pay more than it costs you purchase a card of similar quality at the store than it does for you to send a Well Penned Card™. And, like an e-card, you can send it right from your desk with only an email!

To all of you, from all of us at Well Penned Greetings - Thank you and may you always greet well!

Sally Jarvis
Chief Penperson